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Fun and Engaging Educational Workbooks for 5th Graders

Are you ready to set your 5th grader up for academic success? Explore all our workbooks for 5th graders today. 

5th Grade Workbooks in Every Subject

Children learn best when they are interested in what they are doing. That is why we designed our workbooks to captivate your child. Our 5th-grade collection includes:

  • Math workbooks for 5th graders
  • 5th-grade reading workbooks
  • Social studies workbook for 5th graders
  • And more

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Model: REM 171E
Grade Level: 5Interest Level: N/AReading Level: N/AHone reading skills!Whether being asked to read a short newspaper article about space machines, a description of the different parts of a spider, or a letter written by Daniel Boone, the 30 illustrated activities included in this book provide a..
Model: REM GP228
Grade Level: 5 Interest Level: N/A Reading Level: N/AThis book provides the tools necessary to capture the wonder and fun of mathematics while helping teachers and parents instruct the Common Core Mathematics Standards in a manageable way. This book focuses and connects to the Standards for Mathematical Co..
Model: REM 464B
CCSS Level: 3-8*Interest Level: 5-12Reading Level: 5.0-7.9Expand students’ knowledge of U.S. history while building comprehension skills and meeting the Common Core State Standards! These outstanding units present an endless array of topics such as the Civil War, Paul Revere, Women’s Rights, WWII, ..
Model: REM 146B
Grade Level: 4-5Interest Level: N/AReading Level: N/APaying attention! The 30 lessons in this learning unit will teach students to listen, remember what they have been told, and execute the oral directions given.To begin, students listen to an explanation of each exercise. “Your worksheet is fi..
Model: REM 6295
Grade Level: 5-12Interest Level: N/AReading Level: N/AIs it a preposition, adjective, adverb, noun, conjunction, pronoun, article, or verb? When your piece lands on the square, it’s up to you to figure it out!Name That Word is perfect for reinforcing parts of speech! Through hands-on, interactive..
$14.99 $22.99
Model: REM 6277A
Grade Level: 4-8Interest Level: N/AReading Level: N/AAdventurous Game Covers 8 Basic Parts of SpeechTake students on a chilly adventure of extreme sports as they build important language skills! This game challenges students' knowledge of 8 basic parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjecti..
$14.99 $22.99
Model: REM 6297
Grade Level: 4-12Interest Level: N/AReading Level: N/A2-Game SetName that Word!Is it a preposition, adjective, adverb, noun, conjunction, pronoun, article, or verb? When your piece lands on the square, it’s up to you to figure it out! This entertaining game puts a lively twist to learning pa..
Model: REM 1042
Grade Level: 4-5Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 2-5Fluency is a key component of reading comprehension, and these ready-to-use activities provide plenty of practice in both speed and comprehension. 14 short, high-interest stories will capture students' attention while they race the clock to improve th..
Model: REM 147B
Grade Level: 5-6Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 2-4Retaining what is heard!Short, bright, read-aloud stories about subjects ranging from “Something to Smile About” to “Making Movies,” are at the core of the 30 lessons in this learning unit.After listening closely to each story, students are ..
Model: REM 505
Grade Level: 3-6 Interest Level: N/A Reading Level: N/ABuild basic math skills the old-fashioned way! These step-by-step activity pages are perfect for the student who needs plenty of practice to reach mastery levels. Students love racing the clock to show their knowledge, building skills and accuracy as..
Model: REM 159B
Grade Level: 3+Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 3-4A strong sense of character and positive self-esteem are key ingredients to a student's success in school and in life. So give your students a chance to develop and reinforce 38 important attributes while simultaneously improving their writing skills. ..
Model: REM 2001
Grade Level: 3-8Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 1-5*WRITING SENTENCES Give students good, solid practice with this book designed to help them recognize and develop complete sentences.  The sequential, high-interest format will make this one of your favorite teaching tools! 32 pages. Grade 3-6 ..
Model: REM 140
Grade Level: 4-8Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 2-5*The delightful activities in this book provide the perfect approach to introducing students to the special kind of writing used to create poetry. They will gain an appreciation for this captivating way of expressing humor, personal feelings, strong e..
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