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Market Math for Beginners (Activity Book)

Market Math for Beginners (Activity Book)

Price: $9.99
Item #: REM 125A
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!
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Bry S. said,
Rating - I think that this is a great math book for 3rd through 8th grade. Students are always asking in math where they will use it in the real world. This book gives real world situations as they add, subtract and multiply real life situations and the colorful pictures help.
Grade Level: 1-3
Interest Level: 2-12
Reading Level: 1-2
Reinforce your basic math program with our Real-Life Math Book! This fun and effective book teaches simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication through the use of real-life situations. Students will have a great time as they refer to the colorful price list to figure costs when spending money at a market store. From pizza to pancakes and sunglasses to soap, the easy-to-read price list generates hundreds of simple rebus and word problems sure to improve any student's math skills.
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Market Math for Beginners (Activity Book)
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Market Math for Beginners (Activity Book)
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