Everyday-Life Reading & Writing Practice (Both Binders)

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CCSS Level: 3-5*
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AWARD WINNER - Learning® Magazine 2015 Teachers’ ChoiceSM Award for the Classroom

Being able to read and understand newspapers, instructions, schedules, e-mails, menus, labels, and more is an important part of our everyday lives. Many students need specific instruction and lots of practice to understand, interpret, and use what they have read in these formats.

From reading a newspaper for the weather report to reading a flight schedule to find what time a plane lands, students will be immersed in plenty of realistic reading opportunities. Each real-life reading activity is followed by comprehension questions to help reinforce what students have read. As well, each category has writing activities that will give students plenty of practical application with writing for a specific purpose, like writing an advice column, classified ad, e-mail, blog, and more.

Both reproducible binders are organized by tab dividers, and include an answer key and a whiteboard-ready resource CD with printable PDFs.  166-168 pages each.

*Click here to download the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts for this Binder Set.

Binder 1 Everyday-Life Categories Include:

  • Newspapers
  • Instructions
  • Schedules
  • Websites & Emails

Binder 2 Everyday-Life Categories Include:

  • Directories, Guides & Maps
  • Menus & Recipes
  • Labels & Packaging
  • Invoices, Bills, & Forms

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