Capitalization & Punctuation: Straight Forward English Language Arts Series

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Interest Level: 3-12
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Topics include: I & First Words; Proper Nouns; Ending Marks; Commas; Apostrophes; Question Marks. This 40-page book includes an answer key.

The lack of childish illustrations makes this book is ideal for older students struggling with the basics or for students with ADHD.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  I & First Word
Chapter 2:  Proper Nouns

Chapter 3:  Ending Marks & Sentences

REVIEW 1:  Capitalization & Punctuation

Chapter 4:  Commas:  Date & Addresses
Chapter 5:  Commas:  Introductory Words & Nouns of Addresses
Chapter 6:  Commas:  Series
Chapter 7:  Commas:  Compound Sentences
Chapter 8:  Commas:  Quotation Marks
Chapter 9:  Commas:  Appositives
Chapter 10:  Apostrophes:  Contractions
Chapter 11:  Apostrophes:  Possessive Nouns
Chapter 12:  Quotation Marks

REVIEW 2:  Punctuation




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