High-Interest/Low Readability Classics - RL 2 (All 10 Audio CDs)

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Grade Level: N/A
Interest Level: 4-12
Reading Level: 2

Includes: 10 Audio CDs
Now you can custom-tailor the reading level to each student in your class quickly and easily! With 5 different levels to choose from, these classics are sure to excite even the most reluctant reader! Audio CDs are available for all 5 Levels. Each set includes 10 audio CDs that feature a word-for-word reading directly from the chapter pages of corresponding workbooks and exciting sound effects.

Reading Level 2
  • Black Beauty - Anna Sewell
  • Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain
  • The Call of the Wild - Jack London
  • Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson
  • The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood - Howard Pyle
  • The Prince and the Pauper - Mark Twain
  • Man Without a Country - Edward Everett Hale
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Victor Hugo
  • Silas Marner - George Eliot
  • Around the World in 80 Days - Jules Verne

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