Puzzles & Practice: Multiplication (Factors 1-12)

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Grade Level: 2-5
Interest Level: 2-12
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Each hands-on, self-checking lesson features a specific math skill, skill practice, and an animal puzzle. Instructions and animal background information are provided in English and Spanish. 32 pages.

Multiplication skills. Performing multiplication skills constructs a puzzle of a desert animal. Instructions and animal background provided in English and Spanish. Featured puzzles: Desert Animals.

Table Of Contents

LESSON 1: 1s Facts Desert Tortoise

LESSON 2: 2s Facts Jackal

LESSON 3: 3s Facts Jack Rabbit

LESSON 4: 4s Facts Road Runner

LESSON 5: 5s Facts Scorpion

LESSON 6: 6s Facts Coyote

LESSON 7: 7s Facts Sidewinter

LESSON 8: 8s Facts Kangaroo Rat

LESSON 9: 9s Facts Camel

LESSON 10: 10s Facts Gila Monster

LESSON 11: 11s Facts Kangaroo

LESSON 12: 12s Facts Gazelle


ANSWERS: Lessons 1 - 12 & Post Test



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