Word Problems Multiplication & Division: Straight Forward Math Series (Book 2)

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Grade Level: 3-5
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This book teaches the basic skills of reading problems, finding facts, determining operations, and working problems. Book 2 teaches these skills for multiplication and division. For an independent review of this book, please visit the following link. Review will open in a new tab. An answer key is included in this 40-page book.

Table of Contents

Advanced Subtraction Review


Advanced Multiplication Review

Division Review

Adding & Subtracting Decimals

Multiplying Decimals Review

The 4 Step Model:  Read the Problem

The 4 Step Model:  Find the Facts

The 4 Step Model:  Find the Operation

The 4 Step Model:  Work the Problem

Add or Multiply

Multiple or Divide

Solving Word Problems

Charts & Graphs

Finding Extra Information

Charts & Signs

Problems with Several Steps

More with Charts & Signs

Post Test



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