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Pre-Calculus: Straight Forward Math Series (Large Edition)

Pre-Calculus: Straight Forward Math Series (Large Edition)
Pre-Calculus: Straight Forward Math Series (Large Edition)

Grade Level: 7+
Interest Level: N/A
Reading Level: N/A

Topics include: Introduction to Calculus: Functions; Inequalities; Solving & Graphing Polynomial & Rational Functions for Zero; Trigonometric, Exponential & Logarithmic Functions. Practice, review, and testing included. An answer key is included in this 160-page book.

Table of Contents

Interval Notation
Absolute Value
nth Roots & Fractional Exponents
Complex Numbers

CHAPTER 2:  Functions
The Idea of a Function
Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, & Dividing Functions
More Complicated Inputs
Composition of Functions
Domains & Ranges
The Graph of a Function
Piecewise Defined Functions

CHAPTER 3:  Inequalities
Solving Inequalities from Graphs
Inequalities Involving Continuous Functions
Inequalities Involving Non-Continuous Functions

CHAPTER 4:  Solving Polynomials & Rational Functions for Zero
Division of Polynomials
Synthetic Division & the Remainder Theorem
Complex Zeros
Complete Factorization of Polynomials
Zeros of Rational Functions

CHAPTER 5:  Graphing Polynomials & Rational Functions
Graphing Polynomial Functions
Graphing Rational Functions

CHAPTER 6:  Trigonometric Functions
Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle
Trigonometric Functions of Real Numbers
Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Graphs of Trigonometric Functions
Trigonometric Identities
Multiple & Half Angle Formulas
Solving Trigonometric Equations

CHAPTER 7:  Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
Exponential Functions
Exponential Equations
Graphs of Logarithms & Exponential Functions
Properties of Logarithms
Solving Logarithmic & Exponential Equations




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