High-Interest, Low-Readability (3-Book Set)

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Grade Level: N/A
Interest Level: 5-8
Reading Level: 2-4

Each facinating book contains intriguing short stories, extended writing activities, and over 300 comprehension activities. The specific reading skills focused on include: finding main ideas, locating answers, detecting sequences, vocabulary and word analysis, finding facts, making inferences, and more. To build reading confidence, the stories have been arranged sequentially - from lowest reading levels to the highest.

- Amazing Facts: Includes facinating facts about animals, minerals, sports, history, etc. (Reading Level: 2.0-4.5)
- Famous People, Places & Events: Titles include Disneyland, H.G. Wells, Hurricane, Stonehenge, etc. (Reading Level: 1.8-3.8)
- Outstanding Americans: Featuring stories about African, Hispanic, Asian, and Native Americans. (Reading Level: 3-4)

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