High-Interest Nonfiction (Binder & Resource CD)

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Interest Level: 2-12
Reading Level: 3-5

Capture your students’ attention and improve their reading comprehension skills with high-interest history and science topics!  This binder features 49 nonfiction stories based on themes ranging from pyramids and the D-Day Invasion to dolphins and wasps.

Following each story are three skill pages featuring literal and interpretive comprehension questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, sentence writing practice, and a research/writing activity. Tab dividers organize each topic into useful categories: Animals, Inventions, People, and Places & Events. Binder also includes a skills chart, answer key, and Resource CD.

The whiteboard-ready Resource CD includes the contents of the binder in PDF format, as well as a list of reading levels and word counts, CCSS standards, skill trace tracking spreadsheet, and more. These binders are a wonderful supplement to any reading, history, or science program!  206 pages each.

Binder Includes:
•    49 History & Science Stories
•    Skills Chart
•    Preview Words
•    Questions in Test Format
•    Sentence Writing Practice
•    Critical Thinking Questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
•    Research/Writing Activities
•    Review Pages in Cloze Format
•    Resource CD

Skills Covered Include:

•    Cause and Effect
•    Classifying Information
•    Compare/Contrast
•    Connecting
•    Drawing Conclusions
•    Evaluating Information
•    Fact or Opinion
•    Finding Facts/Reading for Details
•    Main Idea
•    Making Inferences
•    Predicting Outcomes
•    Questioning
•    Research
•    Sequence
•    Summarizing Information
•    Vocabulary

Click here to download the Common Core State Standards that this program meets.


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