High-Interest Mini Mysteries (Binder & Resource CD)

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CSS Level: 2-6
Interest Level: 2-12
Reading Level: 2-5

Students follow clues, find facts, and make inferences to solve each caper. These short, high-interest mysteries take place in fascinating locations that will grab your struggling reader’s attention! 

Each mystery is paired with an informational text to build students’ knowledge of the location where the fiction story takes place, which introduces students to multiple text types as called for in the Common Core State Standards.

Comprehension questions follow each nonfiction passage and mystery story. The questions target specific reading skills including main idea, drawing conclusions, author’s purpose, context clues, text features, sequence, and much more!

Each mystery also includes pre-reading activities, such as a map and image of the location, a vocabulary and glossary activity, and more. These activities will help increase fluency and establish prior knowledge.

This 200-page binder is organized with useful tab dividers and includes an answer key.  The included whiteboard-ready Resource CD comes with the contents of the binder in PDF format, a list of reading levels, a list of the CCSS this binder meets, plus eight bonus mysteries and activities.

*Click here to download the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts for this product.

28 Units Each Include:

- Before You Read Activity
- Words to Know Activity
- Nonfiction / Informational Text
- Fiction / Mystery Story
- After You Read / Skill-Specific Questions for Nonfiction & Fiction Texts

21 Skills Covered Include:

- Analogy
- Author's Purpose
- Cause and Effect
- Compare and Contrast
- Connecting
- Context Clues
- Describe
- Drawing Conclusions
- Fact or Opinion
- Form an Opinion
- Inference
- Language
- Locate Information
- Main Idea
- Predicting
- Reading for Details
- Research
- Sequence
- Summarizing
- Text Feature
- Vocabulary


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