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Circles: Studies in Geometry Series

Circles: Studies in Geometry Series
Circles: Studies in Geometry Series

Grade Level: 9-12
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This series develops concepts through explanation, modeling, and practice. Topics include: Circles and Segments; Arcs and Circles; Chords; Inscribed Figures; Segments and Arc Measurements; Tangent Circles and Common Tangents; Area and Circumference; Sector Area and Arch Length; Equations and Graphing. This 64-page book inclues an answer key.

Table of Contents

About This Workbook

CHAPTER 1:  Circles & Segments
Circle Parts Defined
Diameter & Radius

CHAPTER 2:  Arcs & Angles
Arcs & Central Angles
Measures of Arcs & Central Angles

CHAPTER 3:  Chords
Chords Defined

CHAPTER 4:  Inscribed Figures
Inscribed Angles Defined
Inscribed Polygons

CHAPTER 5:  Segment Lengths & Arc Measurements
Intersecting Chords
Tangents, Chords, & Arcs
Tangents, Secants, & Arc Measurements
Testing for Tangency
Tangent, Secant, & Segment Lengths

CHAPTER 6:  Tangent Circles & Common Tangents
Tangent Circles
Common Tangents

CHAPTER 7:  Area & Circumference
Circumference & Area Defined
Areas & Inscribed Polygons

CHAPTER 8:  Sector Area & Arc Length
Sector of a Circle
Arc Length

CHAPTER 9:  Equations & Graphing
The Equation of a Circle
Graphing Circles





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