Credit Card Math: Life Skills Math Series

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Grade Level: 6-8
Interest Level: 8-12
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Everything you ever needed to know about credit cards—all in one book!

How do I get a credit card? What is a credit score? How do I use a credit card? What is an account statement? Answers to these questions and much more are featured in this comprehensive book.

Students get hands-on experience filling out application forms. Step-by-step instructions explain account statements and how to make purchases in stores and online. Detailed illustrations and high-interest comprehension activities ensure an in-depth understanding of what it means to responsibly use a credit card.
Essential consumer math skills are highlighted through lots of practice with real-life word problems. Students are asked to add, subtract, multiply, and/or divide money; figure percentages; round to the nearest hundredth; fill in graphs and pie charts,
and much more!

A glossary and an answer key are included in this 64-page book.

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