Discovering Literature Teaching Guides - Challenging Level (8-Book Set)

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Grade Level: 8-12
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TThe Challenging Level Teaching Guides focus on a variety of reading strategies that can help students construct meaning from their experience with literature as well as make connections between reading and the rest of their lives.

The Challenging Level offers literature grouped by strands–Community Strand and Journey Strand. While no work of literature has only one theme (or strand), these groupings provide a reference to focus student attention. Each chapter analysis includes: Journal and Discussion Topics, Vocabulary, and Chapter Summaries. Other features include: Strategy Pages, Testing, and the Writer’s Forum. Each book contains an answer key. 80-175 pages.

Titles Include:
- The Hobbit
- The Odyssey
- Lord of the Flies
- The Giver
- To Kill a Mockingbird
- The Hunger Games
- Catching Fire
- Mockingjay

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