20 Extra Folders for Practical Practice Math: Binder 2

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Grade Level: 3-5
Interest Level: 4-12
CCSS Level: 3-7*

Set of 20 Extra Folders
This set of sturdy, glossy folders are divided into 5 everyday math categories. Each category includes 4 unique folders. With the help of realistic information and photos, each folder tells a math “story.” These extra folders are perfect for role-playing situations, small-groups, and classrooms where students will benefit from having their own full-color, realistic price list.

Full-Color Folders:
- 20 Different Folders
- 5 Everyday Math Categories
- 4 Pages per Folder (8.5”x11” each)

5 Everyday Math Categories (4 Folders Each):

- Menu Math – mouthwatering selections from unique restaurants
Consumer Math – realistic ads for local stores*
Family Math – a personal look at the budgets & expenses of diverse families
Travel Math – itineraries & travel plans for adventurous trips
Business Math – an inside look at the costs of running different businesses


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