Core Reading Skills Program (Binder, Audio CD, & Resource CD)

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Interest Level: 4+
Reading Level: 2.0-4.5
CCSS Level: 2-4*

Over 200 Activities to Strengthen Comprehension & Fluency!

The Core Reading Skills Program features hundreds of ready-to-use activities designed to help struggling readers become more confident, fluent readers. This essential program includes four sections of skill-specific activities.

Section 1 includes 56 high-interest stories, follow-up questions, and cloze reading assessments, along with an Audio CD that reads each story aloud. Section 2 features vocabulary activities like word search puzzles, configurations, and crossword puzzles. Section 3 covers conclusions and inferences through picture matching, sentence matching, and riddles. Section 4 features 10 stories with end-of-line word counts, a fluency chart, and word lists.

The 224-pg. binder contains over 200 reading activities, timed reading chart, fluency progress chart, reading levels & word counts chart, words/phrases/sentences lists, and answer key--all included as PDFs on a whiteboard-ready Resource CD.

9 Essential Skills Covered:

- Building Vocabulary
- Drawing Conclusions
- Finding Facts
- Following Directions
- Improving Fluency
- Locating Answers
- Making Inferences
- Understanding Main Idea
- Using Context

Binder Program Includes:

- 56 High-Interest Stories with Follow-up Questions & Cloze Reading Assessments
- 40 Vocabulary Activities
- 29 Conclusions & Inferences Activities
- 10 Fluency Stories with End-of-Line Word Counts
- 14 Fluency Word/Phrase/Sentence Lists
- Reading Level & Word Count Charts
- Timed Reading Charts
- Fluency Progress Chart
- 1 Whiteboard-Ready Resource CD with Reproducible PDFs
- 1 Audio CD

*Click here to download the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts for this product.


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