Language Quickies (Binder & Resource CD)

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10-Minute Daily Practice Activities for the Entire School Year!

Sharpen grammar and writing skills in just 10 minutes a day! This collection of 320 short language review exercises reinforces sentence construction, punctuation, capitalization, parts of speech, spelling, synonyms/antonyms, verb tenses, and subject/predicate agreement, and more. Used on a daily basis, Language Quickies will increase student awareness and develop skills in the specific areas of writing and grammar that should be mastered by third and fourth grade.

This 192-page binder is organized by handy tab dividers. As students make their way through the daily practice, the activities progress in difficulty. To help differentiate the activities and meet students’ individual needs, each tab divider features a different shape for each grade level. This useful distinction will help you discreetly meet the needs of your students at different levels.

The included whiteboard-ready Resource CD includes the entire contents of the binder as well as a skill tracking spreadsheet, list of skills per activity, and a complete list of the Common Core State Standards that the program meets.

Language Skills Include:
- Sentence Construction
- Punctuation
- Capitalization
- Parts of Speech
- Editing
- Spelling
- Synonyms/Antonyms
- Verb tenses
- Prefixes / Suffixes
- Subject/Verb Agreement
- And Much More!


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