More High-Interest Nonfiction (Binder & Resource CD)

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Interest Level: 2-12
Reading Level: 3-5

Capture your students’ attention and improve their reading comprehension skills with high-interest history and science topics!  This binder features 49 nonfiction stories based on themes ranging from tarantulas and vikings to baseball and mummies.

Following each story are three skill pages featuring literal and interpretive comprehension questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, sentence writing practice, and a research/writing activity. Tab dividers organize each topic into useful categories: Animals, Inventions, People, and Places & Events. Binder also includes a skills chart, answer key, and Resource CD.

The whiteboard-ready Resource CD includes the contents of the binder in PDF format, as well as a list of reading levels and word counts, CCSS standards, skill trace tracking spreadsheet, and more. These binders are a wonderful supplement to any reading, history, or science program!  206 pages each.

Binder Includes:
•    49 History & Science Stories
•    Skills Chart
•    Preview Words
•    Questions in Test Format
•    Sentence Writing Practice
•    Critical Thinking Questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
•    Research/Writing Activities
•    Review Pages in Cloze Format
•    Resource CD

Skills Covered Include:

•    Cause and Effect
•    Classifying Information
•    Compare/Contrast
•    Connecting
•    Drawing Conclusions
•    Evaluating Information
•    Fact or Opinion
•    Finding Facts/Reading for Details
•    Main Idea
•    Making Inferences
•    Predicting Outcomes
•    Questioning
•    Research
•    Sequence
•    Summarizing Information
•    Vocabulary

Click here to download the Common Core State Standards that this program meets.


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