History-Based Reading (Binder, Audio CD, & Resource CD)

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CCSS Level: 3-8*
Interest Level: 5-12
Reading Level: 5.0-7.9

Expand students’ knowledge of U.S. history while building comprehension skills and meeting the Common Core State Standards! These outstanding units present an endless array of topics such as the Civil War, Paul Revere, Women’s Rights, WWII, Civil Rights, and more.

Each unit includes a short story (less than 300 words) and three activities. The first activity includes questions that direct students to specific paragraphs in the story to locate answers. The second is a cloze reading activity that will give students another opportunity to read the story while building vocabulary skills. The third activity includes questions that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Each question is clearly labeled so you know which standard is being met.

This program also includes an extensive vocabulary list to help learners understand and use some of the more difficult words from the stories.  This 165-page binder is organized with useful tabs that designate in which centuries each story took place. Answer key included.

The whiteboard-ready Resource CD includes the contents of the binder in PDF format, as well as a list of reading levels and word counts, CCSS standards, skill trace tracking spreadsheet, and more.

Students become a part of each story as they listen along with the included Audio CD.  Perfect for struggling readers, the professionally recorded audio includes all 38 stories read word-for-word. 

*Download the Common Core State Standards for this product.

20 Skills Covered Include:

- Analyze
- Apply
- Author’s Purpose
- Author’s Viewpoint
- Cause & Effect
- Compare/Contrast
- Describe
- Draw A Conclusion
- Evaluate
- Inference
- Integrate
- Locate Information
- Main Idea
- Make Generalizations
- Make/Justify an Opinion
- Problem/Solution
- Research
- Sequence
- Summarize
- Use Context to Derive Meaning


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